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Establish significance and foster alignment among stakeholders. The Tourism Academy delivers education that is transformative, engaging, and easily accessible. Crafted intentionally for adult learners by business psychologists and instructional design professionals, our programs cater to the specific needs of destination marketing, travel agents, and the hospitality sector.

Travel Management Bootcamp 15 Days - (4 Hours Daily)

For 27 remarkable years, Zenith has illuminated the travel industry with its expertise. Now, introducing Zenith Campus, where dreams take flight with our exceptional courses for aspiring travel scholar.

Foundations of Event Management Duration: 3 Months

Gain vital knowledge and skills to enter the industry and excel as a proficient travel executive. This course focuses on establishing a foundational understanding of the primary sectors of the Tourism Industry, encompassing key elements, concepts, and terminology.

Event Marketing and Promotion Duration: 2 months

Elevate your professional demeanor with this course, designed to impart profound knowledge of international travel destinations, adept handling of business communication, and managing complex reservations. The inclusion of a foreign language and personality development module enriches the overall learning experience. The concluding internship provides valuable exposure to the working environment, fostering the development of essential skills to stand out in today’s competitive job market.

Wedding Planning and Management Duration: 3 Months

MICE tourism plays a significant role in the tourism industry, yet many are unfamiliar with the term! At Zenith Campus, we aim to enlighten aspiring individuals about what MICE tourism entails, the global growth of the MICE industry, and the crucial importance of this form of tourism!

Digital Marketing Course: 6 Months

Event Planning and Coordination : 4 Months

Foundation Course in foreign Exchange (Certificate Level ) Duration :6 Months

Professional Course in Tourism (Diploma Level) Duration: 1 Year

Global Distribution System (GALILEO) Duration: 3 Months

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